Friday, August 18, 2017


  So, last summer after so many years of not playing Dungeons and Dragons, I am back at it. I run two games and  play in another. I play 5th Edition.
  I have a quandary.
  In the game I play, there is a Tiefling rogue, alignment Neutral. He has been with this group, in game, about 2 weeks. Last session, we found a lovely hoard of goods (coin, gems, paintings, magic items) and he offered to go in and check for traps. Three of the characters decided to insight him and found out he was lying and that he wanted to pocket some of the goods for himself. So, they attacked him to kill him.
  1. Tiefling - In 5th edition Tieflings do not have an innate tendency towards evil, though many usually end up going down that path. Tieflings have a fierce independent streak and are inclined towards being chaotic. This Tiefling wants to start a community for Tieflings, since they have such a hard time getting along in the world.
  2. Rogues might be ruthless criminals, sly tricksters, deadly assassins, or good hearted thieves who steal from the rich and give to the poor. Whichever way you decide to play one, you're guaranteed to have a number of tricks to help you achieve your goals. This rogue generally steals from the rich or bad. However, he is getting a bit frustrated after a few years of working to achieve this. The urge is strong to accomplish this goal.
  3. Most of the players in our group, including the DM, do not like this player. He's new to the game. Too much TV and too many video games have falsely colored his view of what is acceptable in this real world and his social skills are as stunted as a malnourished child. Because of this, the DM squashes his attempts to do things and he allows the other players to meta-game this guy.
  4. These few players decided to insight this guy, our trap-finding rogue, when he offered to check for traps on a very large pile of loot. Because they don't like him. Because they are meta-gaming about things that he has said to the DM. Because they thought he wasn't acting like a team player. To be fair, one of them was Chaotic Evil that day. But that's ok.
How is this one get better? As part of the D&D Community, I want to help this person be a better player and a better PERSON. What even does "inclusivity" mean if we don't include everyone?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

So, I don't feel ready to become a food blog.  But, I started making jams and pickles about a couple of years ago.  And, I want to share my experiments.  And, I wonder about making a living from them.  So, Spring Break is nearly over.  I've made Candied Pineapple Jam,
Pickled Peppered Okra,
Peach and Mango Preserves,
Peach and Ginger Preserves,
Spiced Blueberry Jammin', Sweet Beer and Onion Jam,
Orange Shandy Jelly,
and Cola Jelly.
It's been fun! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

We went with the Pierce girls for a fall outing to N. Ga. to get some apples and have some fun.  We went tour favorite orchard.  Fun day!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keeping it real.

Speak things into the atmosphere and then trust God..."He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ever think, ask, or imagine"
I have a friend who posts regularly on Facebook. She is someone I work with and tho we do not see each other outside of work, I consider her a very good friend. She is funny and blunt and moves in the realm of the fearless. I look for her posts because they always make me laugh or think or remind to remember God is always present in my life.

And this is something, amazingly, that I forget that last bit so easily. Get me to a nunnery, or a first century church. Life bogs me down. Right now, it's the HEAT. Oppressive in Georgia these daze. Then there's money. Where does it all go? And time. I'm off work for the summer so you'd think there would be plenty. But I look around my house and there's so much to do.

As I write these excuses, because that's what they are, I look at everything thing and say to myself, "Don't be such a lametard."

God is always present in my life. I just have to invite him to come along. And I forget that that is precisely what he wants. Just to be an active part of my life.

Come on then, Father. Let's hang out together.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

working together...

So, I'm diggin' working with Christina. Rosa worked with us last Sunday, too. We had SO much fun! Tomorrow, I'll be with Christina in Decatur. Y'all stop by...
On the home front, I need to pick up my writing again. I was working on a story about an old lady with an alien dog... Where DID I put my notebook?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Voila! Our booth at Grant Park! Christina is a genius in the jelly making department. She sold out of the apple butter that fast. But she had plenty if her wine and cocktail jelly collection. Left to right; burgundy wine, appletini, margarita, and pina colada. And they all taste just like the drinks! DELISH! She also had carrots, spring onions, radishes, blueberries and purple asparagus. My caramels are on the top shelf and they sold pretty well! I was very happy. We had a lovely time.

A New Venture

O.k. The Grant Park Green Mkt. is opening today and I am to join a new friend there at OUR booth! She will be selling her vegetables and jellies and I will be selling my caramels. Thumpity-thump goes my little heart. Here comes the fear.
Why is it I can trust God for anything else except for myself? Why should He want to make me happy? Of course I can find any number of verses in the Bible to read on how He loves me and wants the best for me. But sometimes it feels like just a lot of words battering up against the World's Perpetual Beat-Down.
So, I'm walking out on it this morning and trusting for all the best that the good Lord has for me. Oh, and by the way, if you want some delish caramels, just let me know!